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Quick survey, your help needed!

Pet Owner Survey


This is a very brief survey for any available pet owners that are responsible for purchasing the food for their animals at least part of time. The only additional requirement is that the person filling this out be honest and as helpful as possible, because this survey is in the sole interest of every pet and their loving owners. I’m sure you want to know what this is all about, so I offer this disturbing fact for thought: The National Research Council has discovered “a dog food that is ‘nutritionally correct’ for one breed of dog can be ‘toxic’ for a different breed of dog.” What if yours is one of them?


Inspired by my own beloved Beagle puppy, I’ve realized that I’m not willing to take that risk! After learning about this, I stumbled across a second unsettling fact: There is NO pet food manufacturer that currently produces a breed-specific line of products. Beginning with the proper research (that’s where you come in) my goal is to start my own company producing these important items that are missing from our market. I will develop my own recipes, first for dogs and then hopefully all common household and farmyard animals. Then I will package it and put it on the market for at least the entire United States, hopefully other countries too. If successful, I should be able to help all these animals live longer, healthier lives and save their owners tons of money in the long run because many animal illnesses are caused by nutritionally related problems. I hope to take as little of your time as possible, thank you for your support.


This is a simple survey that should only take a few minutes. Simply
copy and paste the body of the survey into the reply box and fill in your answers. If you prefer to keep your answers private, you can paste it into an email and send it to me at Please feel free to answer as completely as possible. I appreciate all your help very much and we’re all ready to get to it!


Part One: Demographics

1. What state do you currently live in?
2. What is your age?
3. Please list all pets in your household (name, category: cat, dog, etc. incl. breed, approx. age):
4. How many hours a week do you use the internet and how do you feel about using it for secure purchases?

Part Two: Your Opinion and Information

1. What percentage of the purchases for your pet(s) are made by you?
2. Where do you prefer to make these purchases and why?
3. Has any of your pets ever had a nutritionally related problem that you’re aware of?
4. Were you aware of the issues about manufactured pet foods?
5. If yes, to what extent?
6. Would you be willing to purchase food for your pets on the internet if it proved to be the best choice pertaining to the health of your pet?
7. What would need to be available for you to be willing to purchase this food off the internet (such as up-front information on current facts on this subject, the ingredients and nutritional information of the product, etc.)?
8. How important to you is this subject and the proposition of a solution?

The following questions are for my proposed product (breed-specific pet food):

1. Would you prefer wet or dry food?
2. Would you be ok with a general formula for your breed, or would you need one more stage-specific (puppy, adult, senior, etc.)?
3. Do you believe this idea is important enough to be worth certain hardships like buying online, paying possibly a little more but still reasonably priced, changing from your regular brand, etc.?

Last but not least, please use this space to provide anything else you want to say about any part of this subject:


Once again, thank you very much and I hope I will be able to
follow through with my dream for the sake of all our furry best friends. Your answers are strictly confidential. Have a great day!

*The majority of my information is in thanks to this website:
I am not affiliated with the creator or owner of this site,
but I need to give credit to the source of my inspiration.
Feel free to check it out for more interesting information.*
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