Heather (hedder_42) wrote in apetlovertheory,

I am new!

I am Heather and I have acat named Furball shes 16 years old, and I cherish her so much. I just got a rat for Christmas his names Socrates.


Socrates got a new fancy cage and Furball doesnt take her eyes off him

Furball gets to close he bites her




sleepy kitty






 she likes to sit in our hamper


Brent loves her

Sleepy kitty


</a>pretty kitty

</a>snuggle time

</a>So precious

sleepy time for furball

</a>Sitting on the printer

</a>Just a kitty and my gut



</a>What a princess


</a>staring contest

Sometimes we have to stretch furballs legs so she doesnt get all sore


Sittin on my CD's


She no likey the flashy



She gets spoiled by Brent alot

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